Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Illustration Project Update

   On the advice of a friend (thanks Cindy of theslumberingherd) I decided to add some text to my latest illustration and enter it over at Illustration Friday for this week's topic, "Hurry". (This is just for fun, not available as a print or anything.)


    Here is the latest additions to the Illustration Project. This is a 2-page spread for pages 11-12. If you've been following along you may have noticed there's no pic for pages 9-10. That's because I noticed an error in the text that affects the illustration. I infoed the author and am waiting to hear back as to how to proceed. In the meantime I skipped ahead to this one. I'm so glad I did. For some reason, coloring this one just made my heart happy. I made a few unusual color choices that (fortunately!) worked out beautifully.

   My favorite part, both in color and execution, is the tree. I love drawing trees. There is just something about them that speaks to me. I see faces, torsos, arms and legs, emerging from their textured bark. I'm fascinated by the way they are rooted so deeply into the earth, yet seem to reach for the sky.
  Anyway! I drew this tree with flowing lines reminiscent of Art Nouveau, a style I admired as a kid in old-timey illustrations. It often makes its presence known in my drawings. I decided to depart from the usual browns, as I was mysteriously drawn to the Black Cherry pencil. I mean, who wouldn't be! The name alone is worth a second look!

   Once outlined in Black Cherry I rummaged in my pencil box to find a complimentary second color. I had colored all of the characters by then and wanted to avoid anything that matched what they were "wearing". That eliminated the Sienna family as Monkey Boy had pretty much appropriated it. Another choice might have been Mulberry, but the charming nightingale decided (rightly so) that it was her color. So went the Lavender and Pinks to the little owl, and the Ginger Root (one of my faves) to the feathered costume her friend is wearing.

 Then, a light Jade Green pencil found its way into my hand. At first I dismissed it and tried to put it back, but it just wouldn't go! I made a mark of Black Cherry on the white expanse above the illustration and laid down a smudge of Jade green next to it. H-m-m-m.

   I decided to take a chance on it. So glad I did. I think it turned out beautifully. 

   Well, that's all I have for now, except for the obligatory apology for the quality of my photos. if you click on the pics you should be able to get a bigger image that (hopefully) makes them a little clearer.

   Back to the drawing board...