Monday, February 27, 2012



Or at least potentially so. This is my entry for the Doodlers Doing Doodles team challenge for the month of February. It's just a pencil sketch, with a little added text, so it's not for sale or anything - just for fun! And it's drawn from true life! 

We have a new pet, a HUGE orange tabby named Mr Vimes, who came to us by way of my son's compassion for the adoptable pets at PETCO. This fellow is older (about 3), a little "hefty", and perhaps not as cute and cuddly as the kittens, so he kept coming back, week after week, still looking for that home-sweet-home. My son (who just happens to work at PETCO) started talking about him weeks ago, and finally wore me down enough to go take a look. Needless to say (so why say it?) we took him home that evening. Later, our 2 Chis got their first look!

No worries! They're all mates now, though there's still a lot of chasing one way and quick running back the other! He is, after all, a bit bigger than they!


Cindy D. said...

Oh my goodness, I bet they were surprised! Such a cute bunch of critters. I am partial to the dogs, of course, and their alert little postures. A lovely entry for the contest! Hooray! I expect to hear many further adventures of Mr. Vimes (Mr Vimes?) and the Chis.

Sheryl McClure-Pitler said...

"Mr Vimes" is a character from the "Discworld" by Terry Pratchitt. Some of my son's favorite books. It was hard calling him by that name at first, but now it totally suits him.

Lilah J B said...

Cute, cute!

Sheryl McClure-Pitler said...

Thanks, Lilah!