Monday, April 9, 2012

Illustration project - pages 5-6

 A little more progress made on the illustration job. Here are pages 5-6. Photos really don't do it justice. (Sigh) I really like how the baby elephant turned out, with her lovely mulberry tattoos and golden earrings. The giraffe is a different take on the hottest item in my Etsy shop, a Purple Giraffe (seen below). I didn't want it to be exactly the same, so I went with a side view and a pinker color scheme. As it's a 2 page spread which the author wants presented as one scene, it's sometimes difficult for me to figure out how to illustrate both of the ideas seamlessly. It has to make sense as a whole scene, yet each also needs to stand out on its own. They also need to be large enough for the individual details to be seen. It's an interesting challenge on the perspective. This time I went with showing just part of the giraffe in the foreground of the 2nd page, so I could still do a full figured elephant.



Cindy D. said...

So sweet! I love your animals with the beautiful eyelashes. And I agree the elephant with her tattoos is very cute! I love the frogs! So maybe there's an end in site for this project after all!

crazylady said...

I love that giraffe! I also like those tattoos on the elephant. Sweet characters!

Sheryl McClure-Pitler said...

Thanks crazylady! I like your fun colorful style as well. And I really enjoy your blog on illustrators, The Turquoise Umbrella.