Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Creative Process

I'm always interested in other artists' creative process, so I thought maybe someone would like to see what steps I take in creating a piece of art. If you are an artist and would like to share what you do here, I would be very happy to make some space for you.

Here are sketches for two works in progress. Both are in pencil, smudges and all! I did them this morning, but had been thinking about them since yesterday. A little information about each follows:

Mermaid Hunter - I am doing this in response to a team challenge on Etsy. Etsy has hundreds (maybe thousands?) of artists in every type of media and style. In the Etsy Community it is helpful to join a Team of like-minded Artists. These are folks you can engage with in a give and take of ideas. One of the teams I belong to is Doodlers Doing Doodles. Perfect for me - if you know me from my coloring pages website (shameless plug ) you know I have created hundreds of doodles for others to print for free. The Doodle team issues a weekly doodle challenge based on a theme. This week it's Mermaids. The idea below came to me yesterday. I mulled it over off and on and tried to think of something else that would interest me more, but it stuck, so it's the one. Here is the initial sketch. I need to google Great White Shark silhouettes to make sure I have drawn it correctly - may have to make a correction there.

The second sketch is for a piece of original art for my kids Etsy shop (another shameless plug) Little Dragon Dreams. I'm pretty satisfied with it and don't foresee too many changes.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I'll refine whatever needs refining and then draw over the lines I want to keep in color pencil. Hopefully by Thursday I will add all of the color using a combination of color pencil and watercolor.


Cindy D said...

Hooray, two great sketches! The mermaid one is really nice. I wonder, is she friends with the shark or warily keeping an eye on it?

The beast of course is my favorite of the two. Adorable! I've been trying to add a little fluff to some of my own beasts recently, but nothing full-on teddy bear yet.

Sheri McClure-Pitler said...

Hi Cindy!

I like him too. I plan to do a series with him doing fun things with his human friends. Haven't got a name for him yet. Maybe I should have a contest!

The mermaid is a hunter, but I think she's just keeping a wary eye on the Great White. She has a Narwhal tooth as a spear. I gave her more definition today - it's coming together.