Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello, Anybody out there?

I feel like I'm standing on a hilltop, shouting into the wind. I'm finding it's a challenge to make myself be seen and heard above all of the other voices out there. I picture all of us, as individuals, shouting to be heard, each one drowning out the other, all becoming lost in a sea of sound. Maybe we could each take turns listening.

Some days I'm very sure my work has value, and that I have something unique to offer. Other days, not so much. I've always been better at creating my work (writing drawing, painting) than promoting it. The days I spend the majority of time working on promotion - those days I tend to end up in a corner of the couch with a dark grumpy cloud over my head. Occasional bolts of lightning shoot out of it - targeting me with doubts. Sometimes, anyone who gets near (husband, son) gets zapped too. Sorry!

The days I spend actually working on creating something, I'm in my own happy little universe for hours on end, and by the end of the day I think I can do anything, be anything... Need to bottle that - for the grumpy days.

I'm sure I'm missing something, in the way I go about promoting. I kinda missed the Facebook and Twitter boats. I have a Twitter account but don't really get how to use it. Does anyone really care if I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee? When I get an email that someone's following me, I always think - why? Don't they have their own stuff to do? And I closed my Facebook account almost as soon as I opened it. I just wanted to tell people about my artwork and invite them to my website and my etsy shop - what's all this about parties and events and someone went to the zoo and here's a zillion pictures of my new cat...

Wow! What an old codger! (What the heck is a codger, anyway?) Guess I need an attitude adjustment. Maybe I'll try following somebody back - see where that leads me. And my daughter says she'll help me with Facebook...

Anyway, as to whether I'm crazy or not (for quitting my job to follow my dreams) - it's still up in the air. Some days (the "promotion" days - like today, in fact) the scales tip towards crazy. That's why tomorrow I'm going to make some new artwork! I have a couple pencil drawings - a pouty little princess, a couple of Wizard faces - that I did while sitting at an arts and crafts fair waiting for that gallery owner to drop by and be floored by my offerings... I think I'll flesh them out - give em life. And then maybe I'll put some time in on my 2nd Fantasy Book. It will probably be done before the first one ever sees the light of day!

Oh - and here's a few pictures, in case anyone is out there....
And here's my websites too. See, I can promote!

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Singing Swan said...

If a dream is worth having isn't it worth following? And, if one is going to take the time to dream, should one not invest that dream with grandeur unsurpassed?